Nikon D3300 bundle for professional

When out to purchase a Nikon Camera for professional use a bundle may contain a lot of stuff that makes it look attractive but you may not really need all of it. The packages with more accessories are expensive but may not be the answer to professional photography.

Here is a look at what your typical D3300 bundle deals must have:

Nikon D3300 Body and bag

Look for the 24.2MP camera and the manufacturer’s stamp to prove authenticity. Test to make sure it has all parts are functional before purchase.

The bag makes carrying your stuff easy and it will be part of most packages hence won’t change the price.

D3300 Lenses

You will need these lenses for all kinds of scenes

1. Telephoto lens

They help you capture images at long distances. Used for professional nature photos and wide view images like stadiums with its powerful zooming lens.

2. VR Lens

They should be at least 18mm and 52mm at 3 fps to t 6fps, both lenses should be included in the package. These will help you in quick general image captures.

Any extra lens in the package may be helpful but with these two, you have all you need to get started.

Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit reduces your time and effort during and after shooting. Dust and other particles are bad for the lens and the camera as a whole. Having a cleaning kit also reduces the cost of buying one independently.

The Flash

For poor lighting, a flash may be helpful but not the best recommendation for professional images. The image quality on a flash may not be as optimized as you need.

A charger and a backup battery

A charger will generally be part of any Nikon D3300 bundle, having a backup battery will definitely increase your field time.


A filter is a great way to enhance great focus and regulate the white balance in bright scenes.

SD Card

JPEG for Nikon D3300 is about 7 mbs, a raw video is about 70mbs for standard sizes meaning if you are not doing too much shooting a 16GB memory is enough. To be safe with professional photography, 32GB or 64GB will work.


Tripods are good for stable shooting to limit the blur. Weak tripods may not be suitable with windy weather. Unless they can be relied on, tripods alone are not an essence to increase the DSLR bundle price.

Some packages have remote control options which may sound lucrative but they are not a must. You can still shoot perfect edge to edge images manually. Whatever your bundle choice, make sure all you need for professional photography is included and authentic.