The best entry level DSLR

If you have tired and unsatisfied with the photos that you get from your Smartphone camera, then you should try an entry-level DSLR. There are different levels of DSLR are available in the market but if you are new and want to get high-quality snaps, then entry-level DSLR is best for you. Entry level DSLR’s give high-quality pics then traditional cameras or Smartphone cameras. I will suggest you a DSLR camera, which is best for beginners.

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Nikon D3400 DSLR Overview

Nikon D3400 is the best DSLR camera for newbie and it is designed for beginners. It is the updated form of D3300, which is very famous among photographers. This one has very price than other cameras but has same qualities. It has moderate prices and easily available in the market. You can take a 1080p snap with this DSLR. It is very easy to operate, but if you face some difficulty then guide mode is also installed in a camera that is very helpful for beginners.

The Nikon D3400 has long life battery and it can take HD quality pics even in darkness. Its price on Amazon is only $399. It has low prices than any other DSLR, which has qualities. There are dozens of qualities of this camera; some of them are listed below.

Features of Nikon D3400

· Nikon has kits with two versions of two new kit lenses.

· Nikon is offering two kits of the D3400, available in different regions

· Fast with very good photo and video quality

· The AF-P lenses live view

· There are two versions of each, 18-55mm, and 70-300mm

· It can shoot video in 1080p at up to 60 frames per second

· Has a still-image burst mode

· Burst mode can capture five frames per second

· Can capture HD pics in darkness

· Long battery life

· It has better lenses than other beginners DSLR do

· It has guide mode the Guides the beginners

· It has Bluetooth

· You can transfer your pics at the same within seconds.

· Standout price to performance ratio


There are some others beginners DSLR are available in the market but in my opinion, Nikon D3400 is one of the best Entry level DSLR due to its low price and high-quality output.

Sony a6000 Camera Review: Everything you should know before buying


Sony’s new a6000 is basically an update of the previous Sony NEX-6. It is a very well-regarded CSC that stayed the course for four years. It lasted for long and this proves how special it was, looking at the short term shelf-life of the new models.

sony alpha a6000

The distinctive NEX design has been retained but it has all change inside, Sony has included most of the best technology it presently has to offer.

Features of the Sony a6000

There are plenty of sharp elbows, especially in the high-end CSC market. It is critical to know that the competition is stiff more so with Fujifilm’s X-Series, Olympus’s OM-D range, and Panasonic’s GX and the GH cameras. The competitors have continually pushed the boundaries of what generally is possible in a typical mirrorless camera.

Bionz-X processor is one of the key features which can also be found in the Sony Alpha 7R. This provides an incredible processing power. In fact, it is three times as fast as the primary and original version. The increase in the speed is most notable in the a6000’s start-up time. Just try to switch on the camera and shoot away. You will see the difference, even in hi-speed burst mode.

Extra oomph feature allows autofocus of just 0.06 seconds, as per the CIPA standard. The focusing system has to run like a veritable Usain Bolt ideally outpacing even the already impressive Fujifilm XT-1 under ideal conditions.

The a6000 has 25 precision contrast-detection of AF points. There has been an increase in the number of phase-detection focal points. You will actually realize that there are now 179 other than 99 which cover about 100% of the frame.

Autofocus system capability enables the camera to easily recognize scenes. It also allows the a6000 to lock itself onto the correct subjects and more so track them.

Another interesting feature is the D micro HDMI connection, which provides clean HDMI output during video recording.

One of the latest changes in the a6000 actually relates to the sensor. The latest sensor covers a larger area of the frame.

In conclusion, the camera has a unique Burst mode shooting of up to 11fps. This is continuous for 21 frames raw JPEG. 49 frames of fine JPEG can also be possible just before buffering makes its presence felt. The A6000 is amazingly a great tool for action and sports.