Best GoPro Cameras Deals & Reviews for 2018

What exactly are GoPro cameras? These are special action cameras which are designed in a way that they can be attached to surfboards, cars, helmets and other gadgets. They come with a high-definition capturing lens.

Gopro cameras are sturdy, small and simple to operate. In this review, we will look at our two best GoPro cameras with best deals available for each.

GoPro cameras

1. GoPro Hero6 Black

This may look like a minor update of the Hero5 black form the outside but we have changed so much on the inside to give you an amazing experience.

This camera comes with GP1 processing engine which makes it possible for you to record top quality 4-K footages at 60fps.

It also has a two-inch touch-screen with updated apps and voice commands. If you are looking for the best camera then no look no further.


  • It has an advanced image stabilization system.
  • 10m waterproof.
  • This camera comes with Quick stories which edit and transfers your footage.


  • Offers great image quality.
  • Comes with a refined design.
  • Waterproof up to 10m.


  • Some users may find the screen a bit fiddly to use initially but with time they get used to the screen.

2. GoPro Hero5 Black

This camera will give you a balance between convenience and performance. It has a waterproof design and voice controls.


  • Its battery can withstand 60-90 minutes of non-stop 4K video recording.
  • It comes with activated voice controls.
  • This device will give you an awesome 4K footage.
  • Has an incredibly smooth video footage.
  • It’s a durable device.


  • Video stabilization — It doesn’t matter whether you mount it on your gears or hold it with your hands, this camera will capture smooth videos.
  • Voice controls — You can enjoy the hands-free control of this device by the use of its voice control.
  • Waterproof — Even without a housing, this camera is durable by design and is 10m waterproof.


GoPro Deals

Gopro cameras are small but sturdy gadgets which are also simple to operate. You can attach these cameras on your car, helmet, and surfboard. They come with high-definition lenses.

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